Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Waking up to a warm cup of coffee is my favorite thing in the world. Since I workout every morning, my motivator is starting my day semi-slowly as I sip on my warm beverage. I have three different coffee makers, but my go to weekday method is with my Keurig. I love that I can make just one cup of coffee with the press of a button. However, these lovely little machines can be detrimental to the environment if used the common way.

The typical K-Cups are not recyclable or biodegradable. This is because the K-Cup has several integrated components (plastic with a filter, grounds, and plastic foil top). I love my Keurig, but I don’t like environmental waste. Therefore, here are two solutions for those of us who love quick coffee, but do not want to harm the environment in the process.

  1. Compostable OneCups! San Francisco Bay Coffee has OneCups which are compatible with the Keurig machine. The coffee is delicious and smooth, and the cup is completely biodegradable! This is a great option but may be expensive for those of us on a budget.
  2. Reusable Filter and your own beans. This is my go to choice as I love using my reusable filter and filling it with my La Colombe grounds everyday. There is no plastic waste with this, and I can just wash out the filter and reuse it each day. This method is also much cheaper than buying expensive K-Cups or even the one cup.
It is easy to enjoy things like the Keurig machine and still be environmentally friendly. Helping our environment is not as challenging as it may seem, and I am here to help you with hacks that not only save money but also help our earth.


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